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Maya Suite

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This woodland view suite is a luxuriously intimate setting with views of the pristine white pines, provides a rejuvenating retreat for the couple wanting to reconnect, or the individual looking to disconnect and de-stress. If you enjoy a luxury shower experience, then this suite is ideal for you. The Kohler 8 Jet BodySpa™ is entrancing, as you adjust the water flow to your desired mild or intense massaging pressure, or, enjoy a Kohler Waterhaven™ Tower Shower, an ultimate shower experience. Revive with seven adjustable water ports, including a removable handshower and fully adjustable bodysprays. The bathroom area includes an extension of the sink countertop, which forms a lovely Vanity Makeup Area. Gaze outside at the sculptural Wisconsin stone and soaring pines, and you'll feel a part of the natural beauty that defines Sundara.

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