Whether you've been practicing yoga for years, or this is your first experience, our teachers will respect and encourage your practice.  Instruction focuses on Asanas, physical postures and poses, and breathing and meditation techniques.  You'll gain flexibility, strength, posture improvement and many more health benefits from regular yoga.  Perhaps you're looking for one-on-one work to strengthen your current practice, or simply to experience yoga in a small group environment for the first time.  Either way you'll learn proper Asanas and technique and attain a higher level of physical and energy balance.  Namaste.

Group Guided Yoga

60 Min.
Enjoy the experience of learning proper yoga techniques as well as the mental and phydical lift that comes during a guided yoga session.  60-minute group guided yoga is available daily in our yoga studio upon request with advance reservation. Class size is limited to four.


One-on-one Yoga

60 Min.
Learn Asanas and proper yoga technique to attain physical and energy balance. One-on-one yoga instruction will strengthen your current practice or serve as an introduction to yoga. Offered in the privacy of guest rooms, sessions are available to provide the perfect beginning, middle or end to any day at the spa. A 60-minute private session is available by advance reservation.