Wellness Cuisine for All Seasons by Sundara

Guests have been asking for a Sundara cookbook almost from the moment we opened 10 years ago.  Well, the wait is over! Our first-ever cookbook has been released. 

Sundara Inn & Spa brings you this collection of recipes that celebrates the seasons in our corner of the world, all the while rejoicing in the family farming way of life in Wisconsin.  Cooking enthusiasts will be energized to authentically eat with the seasons, and to live the seasons with this 151 page hard cover cookbook with well over 300 unique recipes.  It's wellness cuisine for all seasons by Sundara.  Cook with the seasons, energize your soul.
 With this book, the Spa's Culinary Team:
  • Shows you how to prepare fresh wellness cuisine across four distinct seasons.
  • Demonstrates how good-for-you food can be flavorful and satisfying too.
  • Fulfills the wishes of guests who've clamored for a cookbook since Sundara opened in 2003.
Enjoy these recipes as a way to energize the body, which, in turn, will always feed the soul.
Price: $27.99