Guest Reviews

shirodharaIn each of our suites and villas, we placed a journal so that guests may share their experiences of Sundara. We are humbled by how much they let us into their lives in describing what first brought them to Sundara and what their stay meant to them. We hope their words will be as inspiring to you as they are to us.

“I was sitting by the fire pit, wrapped in my heavenly robe, sipping hot cider, when a deer walked along the tree line.  A complete Zen moment that will be my mind's 'happy place' for the next year."

"It was just what three moms needed to 'energize their souls."

"Lavish! How do you stay anywhere again and not think back to Sundara and wish you were there instead.”

"We got married there this weekend and we were given the Royal treatment!!!!! We stayed in one or their beautiful Villas and we felt like we were at home but with a maid and a personal driver and personal masseuse and chef.  We sure did not want to leave.  Thank you for turning this into an unforgettable event in our lives and the weekend of a lifetime!!!!!!!"

“Our fourth time here, and it just seems to get better each time. Is that even possible?!”  

“To come to Sundara is to honeymoon all over again.”  

“We are expecting our second child in seven weeks so we came here to relax, renew and prepare, and we did all that.”

“We had a rare chance to reconnect as sisters -- laughing and reminiscing. We would like to make this an annual retreat.”

“Our bosses gave us a weekend here to relax. I have to thank them for the special gift and for making me reconnect to myself spiritually, physically and emotionally.”

"My husband surprised me with a secret getaway and I can barely put into words what an incredible experience it was."

"Wonderful! The feng shui atmosphere was very conducive to relaxation and healing. I will be recommending Sundara to all my patients and friends."

"Thanks for your commitment to excellence and for providing two working mothers a moment of peace and relaxation. Now, with renewed energy, we'll re-enter our 'real worlds.'"

"The purifying bath ritual is a great way to transition from the real world to the spa world."

"'Energize your soul' is the theme and they really deliver. This was the perfect place to spend our 10th anniversary. The attention to detail is wonderful."

"We came here for our wedding night. This was more than we could have ever imagined. Everything was superb, and we plan on coming back for our 1st anniversary, and many more."

"My husband and I are expecting our first child and came for some one-on-one time. It was a wonderful two days. This is what life is about - taking time to spend with your soul mate and pampering yourself."

"This was my husband's first visit to a spa but, thanks to you, it won't be his last! We so much enjoyed the peaceful environment and took advantage of the starlit night for a relaxing swim in the pool. Never have we slept in such a luxuriously comfortable bed. It was heaven!"

"Every time I come here, I see a little more of myself. This truly is a place to find peace and serenity. Thanks for the magic."

"The rooms reminded me of the 5-star hotels we have stayed in while traveling in Europe. It was truly outstanding. One night here did more than one whole week of vacation."

"I've found my new favorite place on earth."