Age Defying Facials

"Your Face Tells the Story of Your Soul"

Sundara Red Carpet Facelift Facial

This new series of age-defying facial treatments blends age-old healing principles with modern wellness, healing skin from the inside out while harnessing the body's own immune system.  It's holistic and non-surgical, just as it should be.

The results are remarkable.  These techniques were originally used to treat muscle injuries and infections.  Doctors noticed that the skin covering the areas being treated looked better, a side benefit that would have application at wellness spas like Sundara.

The modalities include use of a micro-current at the same level naturally present in your body to lift and tone muscles; safe LED lights to treat wrinkles; chemical-free and abrasive-free exfoliation that uses only sound vibrations and water; and highly effective ultrasound infusion of healing serums and moisturizers. Along with the visible lift, your skin will be hydrated and there will be an evening out of pigmentation.

Our estheticians have completed an additional 40 hours of training to be certified in these new services. Sundara is the only spa in Wisconsin to offer this.  The first few minutes of the total appointment time will be spent in consultation with your spa therapist, which ensures products will be customized to your skin type and other preferences are noted.

(Note: Certain health conditions may preclude you from having this service - a  health screening will be done at time of reservation.)

Sundara Series and Organic Facials

Holistic Age-Defying Facial Treatments

Age-Defying Face-Lift

sundara red carpet facial

45 Min. 

This face-lift treatment works on the muscles under the skin, giving the overlaying tissue a firmer foundation to rest on.  It begins with cleansing the skin, then the micro-current instantly lifts, firms, tones and re-educates sagging muscles.  The service concludes with an infusion of peptide rich moisturizer.  A single treatment will produce visible results that last up to three days.  A full facial is not part of this treatment.  For a face-lift with full facial see face-lift facial below.


Age-Defying Face-Lift Series

To maintain the results from your age defying face-lift, schedule a series of 6 for long lasting results.  For results that last up to 2 years, schedule a series of 2 services per week for 6 weeks.

Series of 6 $700, Series of 12 $1250


Ultra Red Carpet Face-lift Facial

90 Min.
This treatment incorporates results driven skincare products to cleanse, exfoliate, masque and hydrate, providing you with immediate results.  Ultrasound and water clear the skin surface of dry and dead cells, allowing cells to flourish, restoring natural glow in minutes.  Next is the micro-current face-lift to lift and tone facial muscles.  The third step is a deeply penetrating ultrasound infusion of hydrating products including toner, corrective and preventative serum, eye cream and moisturizer.  The therapist will also use LED light to safely plump out and soften fine lines and wrinkles following a deep cleanse.  Extractions are included if necessary.  This treatment includes the face-lift and full facial.


Cheek and Smile Lines-Lift

15 Min.
Lifts and tones the cheeks and nasal-labial folds (nose-to-mouth lines).  Wrinkles and fine lines are treated as well to retore  younger appearance.  You'll look refreshed and younger in an instant.



Eye and Forehead-Lift

15 Min. 
Freshens the eye area, softens wrinkles, lifts skin and eliminates that overall tired appearance.




15 Min. 
Creates a firmer jaw line and more toned appearance of the neck in minutes.



Full Face-Lift Enhancement

Add-on (replaces the facial massage in our traditional facials) 
A results-oriented treatment using micro-current to lift and tone, followed by LED light that treats fine lines and wrinkles in this non-invasive face-lift.

Add-on $115

Add-on to Any Facial Offered at Sundara

Ultrasonic Exfoliation

Using sound vibrations and water to clear away dry and dead skin cells, this exfoliating technique also deep cleans pores and hydrates the tissue.  This enhancement will include extractions if necessary.



Ultrasound Moisturizer Infusion

Using a small ultrasound paddle, the entire face and eye area are infused with healing serums, creams and moisturizers for maximum penetration of hydration.

Add-on $40

Facial Peel Treatments

These facial peels use microdermabrasion crystals that exfoliate and speed skin renewal, antioxidants and a stable form of Vitamin A that triggers cell division for more rapid turnover.  For optimal benefits, repeat these treatments once a month for four months while using the spa-at-home products recommended by your aesthetician.  After these treatments, guests should avoid hot showers, steam rooms and hot soak baths, including those at Sundara, for the remainder of that day.  Please be sure to enjoy these amenities prior to your scheduled facial peel.  It is also important to protect fragile skin by applying moisturizer containing sunscreen.

(Note: Certain health conditions may preclude you from having this service - a health screening will be done at time of reservation.) 


Peptide Power Lift Facial

50 Min.
This relaxing, "no downtime" treatment, infuses skin with the rejuvenating and uplifting benefits of 17 peptides, growth factors and proteins.  It begins by gently exfoliating to promote healthy skin renewal and brightness.  It nourishes with vitamins and minerals and protects with antioxidants.  After just one treatment, expression lines appear relaxed, skin is glowing, texture is smoother and skin is plumped.  Great for mature skin and skin that is sensitive, uneven or congested.  



Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

50 Min.
This treatment incorporates the power of nature's own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. This advanced facial will re-energize your own skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles, firm and lift the skin. You will notice that skin feels smoother, looks brighter and is re-energized.  Wrinkles and fine lines are less visible.  Ideal for mature skin and skin that is dry, dehydrated or dull.