Restore and revive the skin with our menu of facial treatments intended for stress relief, beauty boost and pure delight. Our personalized treatments include analyzing the skin, then cleansing, exfoliating, light steam, face and shoulder massage, capillary network toning, oxygenating and re-mineralizing, and finally hydrating and nourishing the skin. Our longer facials at 80 minutes allow time for extractions as well. The first few minutes of the total appointment time will be spent in consultation with your spa therapist, which ensures products will be customized to your skin type and other preferences are noted.

We've recently introduced a separate series of age-defying face-lift facial treatments that make use of organic products. Within this age-defying series, there are add-ons that can be added to any of the facials below. Click here for descriptions of all those services.

Purification and revitalization are felt from treatments in the Sundara Series. Taking a traditional spa approach, botanicals, minerals, water and heat are used to achieve inner and outer beauty. The Sundara Spa collection of products, drawing ingredients indigenous to the area, is integral to these treatments.The organic series incorporates the age-old remedies of organic plant ingredients and the healing powers that only nature can produce.  High potency organic plants are custom distilled to ensure ingredients retains the full therapeutic value. These organic products work with the body, helping to strengthen and repair itself and are sourced from a fair trade network of farms benefiting the individual and the community without compromising the earth. Many treatments incorporate certified organic seaweed harvested using sustainable practices.  The oldest plants on Earth, seaweeds do not produce roots, flowers or fruit.  They absorb their nourishment from the sea.  These products not only heal the body but leave the skin silky smooth.

Purely Organic Facial

35 Min., 50 Min. or 80 Min.
This naturally healing facial is customized just for you, whether addressing the concerns of premature aging, sun damage, sensitive skin or combination skin. Organic ingredients rich in whole plants and cold pressed seed oils deliver protein peptides and omegas 3, 6 and 9 for immediate glow and long term results. The 80-minute version includes extractions, if needed, as well as more time for massage and a deeply penetrating healing masque.
35 Min. $75, 50 Min. $135, 80 Min. $190

New! Calming Recovery Blueberry Facial

50 Min.
Even sensitive skin will be left glowing after this calming, soothing facial. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing masque helps to protect and restore hydration. Start combating sensitivity with peptides and a botanical stem cell that help to promote an even skin tone. An uplifting eye treatment gives the perfect finish to this gentle, restorative facial.

Fountain of Youth Facial

65 Min.
This facial, which cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, uses organic products that leave the skin looking firm, toned and hydrated while concentrating on pigment concerns and signs of aging creating a healthy glow. The facial incorporates extractions along with an eye and lip treatment to help these often neglected areas retain a youthful appearance.

River Stone Facial

80 Min.
This luxurious treatment includes a series of facial massages. The first massage incorporates the healing touch of the aesthetician, the second massage uses warmed river stones to infuse heat deep into the facial muscles allowing for greater penetration of the rich rejuvenating and healing products containing whole plants and cold pressed seeds. Finally, you'll love the head, neck, shoulder, hand and foot massage that is part of this service too.

New! Marma Meditation Facial

80 Min.
This service incorporates our “Sundara Sleep Experience” into the facial by adding a featherbed to the table and wrapping your feet in a blanket of warmth. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and nourished using organic products. You're treated to a massage of the feet, hands and arms and once the facial is complete, the insomnia relief process begins. Marma points will be activated along the neck, jaw line, face and forehead, by using essential oils to induce relaxation and reduce tension. Your therapist will then slip out of the room leaving you time for rest, sleep, or personal meditation. You'll be awakened by the gentle sound of tingsha bells.

Purify Your Back Treatment

35 Min.
This is a thoroughly refreshing treatment for your back, neck and shoulders. The therapist cleanses and exfoliates the skin, performs extractions and follows that with full hydration of the back with an application of a moisturizing lotion.

Purification and revitalization are felt from treatments in the Sundara Series. Taking a traditional spa approach, botanicals, minerals, water and heat are used to achieve inner and outer beauty. The Sundara Spa collection of products, drawing ingredients indigenous to the area, is integral to these treatments.

Decompress From Stress Treatment

30 Min.
So many of us carry the effects of stress in our back, shoulders and head. This relaxing treatment specifically addresses those areas, making stress a distant memory. It begins with an exfoliation of the back and shoulders, followed by an application of moisturizer. The face is addressed next, with an invigorating cleanser, masque, and finished with an application of soothing moisturizer.

Luxurious Lip Service Add-on Treatment

An add-on treatment for selct facials.* Give your lips a much-needed lift with additional exfoliation and plumping. The appearance of fine lines around the lips will be diminished too. Active organic ingredients make this add-on so revitalizing and effective. Add on to Purely Organic Facial, Marma Meditation Facial, River Stone Facial, or Purely for Men Facial.  Must be added in advance.

Eye Bright Add-on Treatment

An add-on treatment for select facials.* Effectively yet gently reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while restoring skin tone. Add on to 50 or 80 min Purely Organic Facial, Marma Meditation Facial, River Stone Facial or 60 min Purely for Men Facial.  Must be added in advance.


Add-on to Any Facial Offered at Sundara

Cheek and Smile Lines-Lift

15 Min.
Lifts and tones the cheeks and nasal-labial folds (nose-to-mouth lines). Wrinkles and fine lines are treated as well to restore a younger appearance. You'll look refreshed and younger in an instant.


Eye and Forehead-Lift

15 Min.
Freshens the eye area, softens wrinkles, lifts the skin and eliminates that overall tired appearance.




15 Min.
Creates a firmer jaw line and more toned appearance of the neck instantly.



Ultrasonic Exfoliation

Using sound vibrations and water to clear away dry and dead skin cells, this exfoliating technique also deep cleans pores and hydrates the tissue. This enhancement will include extractions and is a great add-on to any facial.

Add-on $40

Ultrasound Moisturizer Infusion

Using a small ultrasound paddle, the entire face and eye area are infused with healing serums, creams and moisturizers for maximum penetration of hydration.

Add-on $40


Full Face-Lift

A results-oriented treatment using micro-current to lift and tone, followed by LED light that treats wrinkles in this non-abrasive face-lift.

Add-on $115