Just for Him

He’ll feel instantly comfortable at the spa with these treatments.

While many of our spa treatments are for both men and women, Sundara has taken care to develop a line of treatments that address men’s unique skincare and wellness needs. The first few minutes of the total appointment time will be spent in consultation with your spa therapist, which ensures products will be customized to your skin type and other preferences are noted.

Purely for Men Facial

The face is treated with an invigorating cleanser, followed by exfoliation to remove dead skin, a healing masque, facial massage, and finally a soothing moisturizer. The extended version allows time for extractions if needed, deeper penetration of the masque and even more massage. 

35 min. $75 50 min. $135

Men's Vitalizing Massage

This massage can take a focus of relaxation or deep tissue technique. It’s based on your needs.

50 min. $135 65 Min. $160 80 min. $190

Hand Detailing

For healthy hands, cuticles are cleaned and trimmed and nails are filed and shaped.

30 Min. $45

Foot Detailing

For healthy feet, cuticles are cleaned and trimmed, nails are filed and shaped, and the foot is buffed smooth.

30 Min. $55

Time for Him Day Package

Designed with men’s unique wellness and skincare needs in mind. 
Package includes:

  • Purely for Men Facial, 35 minutes
  • Men’s Vitalizing Massage, 50 minutes
  • Hand Detailing
115 min. $225