Special Events

We love to create special events that are distinctly “Sundara.” From the solstice meditation to guest appreciation events, even our annual golf outing, we see each one as an opportunity to let our loyal guests know how much they mean to us while also introducing new guests to the best of the Sundara experience.

Sundara 11th Annual Breast Cancer Recovery Golf Outing

June 13, 2019. 

Wild Rock Golf Club, Wisconsin Dells

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Wellness Retreat: Feel Fantastic At Any Age

June 9-11, 2019

Feeling tired but don’t know why? Weight creeping up with each passing year? Not as sharp as you once were? Not as resilient to stress as you’d like to be? Sundara welcomes back Dr. Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, and registered dietician Kelly Katzman for two days of functional medicine insights to address all those questions, plus you’ll leave with a plan customized to you. Meditation and yoga sessions, spa treatments and a special culinary menu complement all the learnings Dr. Rajka will share with attendees. This retreat is a boost for body, mind and spirit.



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Open your eyes to the possibility of feeling fantastic: 
The most common response after taking someone through an integrative medicine approach is, “I forgot what it feels like to feel fantastic!” Learn the steps it takes to feel and maintain optimal wellness. This session will begin with a meditation and end with a powerful visualization exercise. Participants will leave inspired to begin or continue their journey to optimal wellness.

Optimize Your Digestion to Maximize Your Mighty Microbiome: 
The bacteria in our intestine (large intestine that is) contribute more DNA than our own! Our gastrointestinal track governs our mood, our immune system and can even make us gain weight. Learn how to maximize your digestion and your microbiome through nutrition and lifestyle.

Determining the Right Diet For You:
Ever wonder why there are so many diets out there? Ever been bombarded with not knowing which one is the right one for you? In this one-hour workshop you will become your own medical detective to determine the right kind of diet for you. Participants will leave with a comprehensive diet plan along with a weekly planner of recipes specific to them and their imbalances.

Increase Your Resilience to Stress:
High stress levels elevate cortisol which in turn affects our health: from not allowing us to regulate our blood sugars -making it harder to lose weight, to affecting our sleep! No one can change the amount of stress that comes our way, but we can be trained to change the way our body reacts to it. In this one-hour workshop, learn a technique which will modify how you respond to day to day stressors. The technique has led to 48% reduction in fatigue, 30% reduction in insomnia and 24% improvement in concentration in as little as 6-weeks without medication or supplements!

Find out how everyday toxin exposures can make you sick and fat AND what you can do about them. Review how to minimize exposure, maximize your detox capability and regain your energy from a lifetime of exposures. During this session we will review all areas of exposure: from personal care products to cleaning products to even food and water exposures and what you can do to maintain and THRIVE in an ever-toxic world. Participants will have the option to purchase a 6 day detox kit to jump start their journey once they have left the retreat

Radical Acceptance: How to Love and Embrace Yourself:
Most of us have varying degrees of negative internal dialect. “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t deserve this,” are common internal phrases we tell ourselves daily. Believe it or not, your beliefs create your reality, and these negative thoughts can hold you back with where you want to go in life. A lack of confidence is common in our stressful Western world and it’s easy to believe that what you bring to the table isn’t enough. In this one-hour work shop, learn how to retrain your brain by using meditation techniques and radically accept and love yourself.

Creativity Rescue:
Fostering Brain Resilience with Creativity, Lifestyle and Nutrition Studies have linked creativity with improved self-worth, agency, and happiness. Creativity is a brain activation pattern that can be augmented with practice; and neuroplasticity can be influenced by nutrition. Creativity Rescue is a daily routine of exercises designed to help you feel great being you in an increasingly stressful world that will afford sustainable results for a lifetime.

Each participant will leave with a diet plan specific to them, be given tools to increase resilience to stress, learn how to get some of the best sleep of their life for maximal energy and performance and more.

Rates start at $1299 per person
Includes 2 night stay, One 50 Minute Massage, 2 breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners and the retreat programming

Call to book, space is limited. 608-253-9200