Tranquil Spaces

The Pure Joy of Tranquil Spaces

Radiance Room and Relaxation
Room Before and after spa and salon treatments, slow down with an infused water, house-made granola, and book in hand. Comfy seating allows you to put your feet up and just relax.

Woodland Reflection Room
With floor-to-ceiling windows, this quiet room offers a connection to nature and wildlife that is nearly seamless. Imagine white-tail deer leaving footprints in the snow just feet away and eagles flying overhead. A fireplace and lovely artwork further serve to set the scene.

Suvela Quiet Room
In today’s overly connected world where cacophony is all too common, this room dedicated to silence is a gift, some might even say a luxury.

Meditation Trail
Seven stops corresponding to the seven chakras or energy centers in the body with meditation stops at each will guide you to good intentions for the day. Take time for a nap in the Hammock Retreat at the end of the trail.