Tranquil Spaces

Discover quiet places for meditation, reading, even napping.

Our conversation-free Tranquility Garden terraced patio, located adjacent to the outdoor pool area, is a quiet place for meditation and reflection, free from the noise and intrusions of the outside world. It was designed with the many guests in mind who told us they craved space where they could enjoy the healing nature of stillness. To preserve the good intentions of the Tranquility Garden, we ask that you please refrain from conversation. We suspect that sounds good to you already.

The Meditation Trail winds through the tall fragrant pines on the spa grounds. There are seven meditation stops along the way corresponding to the seven chakras or energy centers in the body, plus a woodland hammock retreat at the end.

On a side note, we are electronics-free in the common areas of Sundara, meaning guests must refrain from using cell phones, laptops, tablets and kindles in those areas. Think of it as permission to disconnect.