HydraFacial Contraindications

Use of Accutane in the last year no

Pregnancy or nursing no

Melanoma if active or lesions no

Laser tx only if completely healed and swelling is gone

No Facial waxing 7-14 days prior to

Cancer no Lymphatic unless it has been more than 5 years. If a guest has had skin cancer that did not require chemo or radiation then Lymphatic drainage should be fine. If the guest has cancer and is on a medication that can thin their skin then no. We can perform the 30 min on a cancer patient as long as they are not on medications that can thin the skin.

Botox wait 5-7 days- we can move the injections

Fillers wait 7-10 days-we can move the injections

Peels wait 30 days

Avoid exfoliation, acne medications such as benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid two days prior to having a HydraFacial.

Stop use of Retinol or any retinoids two weeks prior to a HydraFacial.


CryoTshock Contraindications

Severe kidney disease (applies to fat and cellulite treatments)

Active cancer or any treatments in the past 12 months (applies to fat and cellulite treatments)

Severe diabetes, loss of sensation

Polyneuropathy (leg treatment only)


No Botox for 2 weeks or Fillers for 4 weeks


Fountain of Youth Vitamin C –


Exfoliating wrinkle reduction-