We’re expanding our Wellness Tourism Footprint

For the first time since opening our doors in 2003, we’re expanding. The addition will be completed in spring 2018, and we remain open throughout construction. This evolution carries on Sundara’s mission of being a place to “energize your soul.” We think you’ll be pleased!

Specifics, please!

          Included in this next chapter for Sundara are:

•  a second outdoor pool, this one a saltwater pool with ample seating

•  a much-requested new indoor sandstone-themed space with ample seating, indoor/outdoor soak pool with swim-up beverage service, and hot soak

•  spacious fitness area

•  additional spa treatment rooms, including a salt treatment room

•  retreat space

•  expanded kitchen and larger dedicated dining space

•  large outdoor patio with water feature and numerous fire pits

•  expanded locker rooms (the women’s locker room will have three times the number of lockers), salon, boutique, and lobby

          The expansion allows for additional wellness programmings, such as meditation, expanded yoga offerings, and cooking classes
          led by Sundara’s executive chef.

          Landscaping will feature plants native to the area. As few trees as possible will be removed for the expansion, and the pine
          timbers will be reused in creating miles of pathways.

          Interior design will draw from feng shui principles, just as the original design did.

          The work of regional artists will be featured.

Any new policies with the expansion?

          Sundara will remain adult-only for tranquility and electronics-free in all common areas.

          We will stay intimate by design.

As they say, please excuse our mess and thank you for your patience. We’ve tutored the construction crew in “spa voices,” but do let us
know if there is anything else we can do to make your stay enjoyable during expansion work.