Sundara Inn & Spa Breast Cancer Recovery Fundraiser


Breast Cancer Recovery Fundraiser

We express our gratitude to everyone who provided support for the cause of Breast Cancer Recovery. Our Golf event, which took place last Tuesday, was met with a remarkable response and proved to be a delightful day for all participants. We have gathered a generous sum of $24,930 on the day of our event, and our efforts to raise funds for this admirable charity are far from over. We are working diligently to increase our donations further and make a meaningful impact. Help us meet our goal of $45,000!

About Breast Cancer Recovery

If you are not familiar with Breast Cancer Recovery, it is a Madison-based group dedicated to aiding the emotional, spiritual and physical recovery of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Their mission shines through in their “Infinite Boundaries” retreats with attendees paying reduced or no charges, thanks to the support of generous donors. This year, Sundara continues to host retreats for women with advanced cancer and support Breast Cancer Recovery –

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