Sundara Inn & Spa Breast Cancer Recovery Fundraiser


In honor of Giving Hearts Day, a day for you to donate to your favorite charity, Sundara Inn & Spa is beginning their Breast Cancer Recovery Fundraiser in hopes to reach our 2023 goal of $60,000. 

Thank You All For Your Support in 2022, Sundara is delighted to announce a donation, from the 13th Annual Golf Classic, to Breast Cancer Recovery in the amount of $52,000! Thank you to all who participated in our event to make this donation possible. ⁠

Help us reach our 2023 goal of $60,000 now – June 22, 2023!⁠ By Donating below! 

Breast Cancer Recovery Fundraiser

We are delighted to announce the 14th Annual Sundara Inn & Spa Golf Classic, benefiting Breast Cancer Recovery, is set for Thursday, June 15th, 2023 at Wild Rock Golf Club.

Thanks to past generosity in supporting this event, we have been able to donate over $314,000 in the past thirteen years, with our biggest donation last year of $52,000!!! Help us now - through Thursday June, 22 to meet out goal of $60,000!

About Breast Cancer Recovery

If you are not familiar with Breast Cancer Recovery, it is a Madison-based group dedicated to aiding the emotional, spiritual and physical recovery of women diagnosed with breast cancer. Their mission shines through in their “Infinite Boundaries” retreats with attendees paying reduced or no charges, thanks to the support of generous donors. This year, Sundara continues to host retreats for women with advanced cancer and support Breast Cancer Recovery –

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