Bath Therapies

The age-old healing practice of “taking the waters” lives on at Sundara.

The #1 reason people visit spas is for stress relief, so we’ve created these good-for-you treatments to relax muscles, calm the mind and soothe the spirit.

Modern life often dishes out more of what we don’t need. These revitalizing treatments help you get back on track.

Ultimate Chocolate Experience

The healing qualities of cocoa define this restorative treatment. The experience begins with a full body chocolate mousse masque. Then you’ll slip into a butter brûlée milk bath. While your skin absorbs the antioxidants and hydrating oils that chocolate delivers, you’ll enjoy a cup of hot cocoa. Finally, a full body application of hydrating caramel body milk.

50 Min. $140

Rest Assured Soak and Massage

This treatment begins with a hot soaking bath infused with essential oils to uplift and balance both mind and body. The bath soak is also rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins, leaving skin hydrated and restored. You’ll be fully relaxed as you enjoy a full body massage using essential oils that compliment your bath. Your massage will be customized to your liking. Your therapist will wish you sweet dreams, as we’ve built in 15 minutes of sleep or meditation in privacy. The final touch is an ultra-hydrating warm eco-fin treatment for your feet to seal in moisture.

90 min. $225

Toast to Life Bath and Massage

Drawing on the healing benefits of wine, this bath and massage treatment increases circulation and encourages deep relaxation. It begins with an all-over antioxidant Chardonnay sugar scrub to buff, nourish and protect skin. Then you’ll enjoy the many benefits derived from a nutrient-rich, silky-smooth Chardonnay bath soak that veritably melts stress away. Your bath is followed with a customized full body massage using an antioxidant-rich massage oil for maximum hydration.

90 min. 225

Dead Sea Salt Bath & Body Treatment

This purifying treatment helps to reduce the signs of aging by replenishing oils and minerals using the healing properties long linked to the Dead Sea. It begins with an all-over application of Dead Sea salt peppermint scrub to exfoliate the skin. Then you’ll enjoy the soothing effects of a whole leaf seaweed bath soak. Finally, your therapist will apply an organic moisturizer to replenish and lock in hydration. This treatment is for all skin types, but especially good for the treatment of problem skin, acne or psoriasis. 

50 Min. $150

Seaweed Leaf Wrap and Bath Soak

This full body treatment is designed to detoxify the body, reduce the signs of cellulite and increase circulation. While wrapped in organic seaweed leaf you’ll be treated to a cleansing of the face followed by a facial and scalp massage. Then you’ll be escorted to a luxurious soaking bath with nutrient-rich antioxidant oils to cleanse and hydrate the skin. The treatment concludes with a full body application of detoxifying oil and hydrating moisturizer for tightening and sculpting of the skin, leaving an overall tighter and smoother look and feel.

80 min. $225