Soothe sore muscles, aches and pains on a path to feeling much better. 


*Weekend rates apply to Friday, Saturday and Sunday, along with certain peak periods.
Peak Periods are: Monday, December 27, 2021- Thursday, December 30, 2021.  Monday, January 17, 2022; Monday, February 14, 2022; Monday, Monday, May 30, 2022; Monday, September 5, 2022; Monday, October 10, 2022; Monday, December 26- Thursday, December 29, 2022.

Spa services prices and descriptions are subject to change without notice. 

Purification, revitalization and reduced stress are felt from treatments in the stress-relief series. Taking a traditional spa approach, botanicals, minerals, water and heat are used to achieve inner and outer beauty.

The Energy Therapies Series is based on the traditional 5,000 year-old healing science of India that encompasses authentic Ayurvedic principles. Creating an ideal state of being through bio-energy and spiritual disciplines is the outcome of these treatments. Special herbs, essences and aromas are integrated in the Energy Therapies series. The authentic Ayurvedic massage technique uses long flowing strokes to release energy blockages within the body. These services conclude with a presentation of a Dosha-specific tea.

These enhancements may be added to any Sundara massage.

Sundara Signature Massage

Customized to your specific stress relief needs, from selection of your preferred aromatherapy oil to the pressure of the therapeutic massage. 


Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185 Weekday 80 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $235

Signature Body Polish and Massage

This one-of-a-kind treatment uses Sundara’s signature line of spa products, starting with our Signature Sandstone Body Polish.  Skin is first exfoliated, a perfect prelude to a full-body massage and hydration using Sundara Shea Body Butter. All products draw ingredients indigenous to the Wisconsin Dells area.

Weekday 80 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $235

Seasonal Body Polish and Massage

Can’t decide between a body treatment to rejuvenate skin and a massage to soothe sore muscles? This service includes both. It begins with a buffing scrub to increase circulation, followed by a full body massage, then application of hydrating cream. All products are chosen to correspond to the season.

 View Seasonal Scents Here.

Weekday 80 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $235

*NEW CBD Body Polish and Massage

A calming lavender and CBD infused scrub prepares your body for the benefit of CBD during the
massage with a lemongrass cream and CBD infused oil.

Weekday 80 Min. $245 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $255

CBD Massage

This massage incorporates the added healing qualities of organic hemp-derived CBD oil in soothing aches and pains caused by inflammation of the joints and damaged muscle connective tissue. Especially favored for its pain-relieving qualities when treating arthritis, injury or stress in the body through massage therapy.

*Week day 50 Min. $195 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $205 *Week day 80 Min. $240 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $250

*New Arnica Massage

Arnica Montana is known for its health-promoting and pain relieving properties. Used in massage, Arnica oil encourages healthy circulation and helps to relieve pain, reduce swelling and bruising. It eases muscle aches, spasms and is a natural remedy for delayed onset muscle soreness.

Our arnica massage oil is enriched with essential oils of wintergreen, peppermint and clove and extracts of aloe, chamomile, cucumber and calendula, aiding in increasing blood circulation, relaxation and pain relief.

Weekday 50 Min. $190 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $200 Weekday 80 Min. $235 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $245

Elements Hydrotherapy Massage

This treatment incorporates all four elements – earth, water, air and fire – and also features our signature indigenous organic pine essential oil for its healing antioxidant qualities. The final step is a full-body healing stone massage to treat sore, tired muscles.

Weekday 90 Min. $245 *Weekend/peak 90 Min. $255

Healing Stone Massage

Muscles warm and relax with deep, penetrating heat from warm river stones used to begin the massage and then transitioning to the soothing touch of our therapists.

Stones are also placed on specific points along the spine, in the palms of your hands and between the toes to improve the flow of energy in the body.

Weekday 75 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 75 Min. $235

*New Theragun Percussive Therapy Enhanced Massage

Percussive therapy is an excellent way to achieve a long lasting relief of tension.  The pressure and vibration created by the Theragun, when applied to areas of focus, may reduce pain and soreness, improve your range of motion, increase blood flow, oxygen and nutrient delivery to tissues, as well as create a deep state of relaxation.

Weekday 75 Min. $240 *Weekend/peak 75 Min. $250

Table Thai Bodywork

Thai massage is an ancient healing practice that combines acupressure, muscle compression, stretching and rocking of the body along with assisted yoga poses to increase circulation, provide temporary pain relief and promote relaxation. The goal is a balancing of the body by limbering joints, loosening muscles, and releasing energy blockages.

Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing made of stretch fabrics to allow for movement as the therapist uses his or her body to leverage you into elongating stretches. This massage is done on a comfortable, padded massage table.

It is required to wear loose fitting clothing made of stretch fabric when receiving a Table Thai massage. Your massage therapist will not be able to perform the service if you are in a bathing suit.

Weekday 80 Min. $220 *Weekend/peak 80 Min. $230

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

There is something so luxuriously soothing about a scalp massage that we decided to make it its own  treatment. It begins with a neck and face massage using an aromatherapy oil of your choice. For the scalp massage portion, a blend of warm coconut and sesame oils calms the mind while leaving the scalp moisturized and hair nourished.

Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185


Handed down through countless generations, the eastern practice of a “loving touch” is translated in Sundara’s very own upper body massage. The focus of this treatment is the back, shoulders, neck and scalp – areas of the body where we all tend to carry stress.

Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185

Hands and Feet Hydrating Massage

When your hands and feet are well cared for, you feel better all over. Sundara’s signature Shea Body Butter is used in this massage, plus you’re treated to a heated neck wrap.

Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185


Designed to nurture the mother-to-be, this massage will leave mom-to-be feeling calm and centered. A body cushion and our famous down pillows are used to ensure comfort. When reserving,  let us know what stage you’re at in your pregnancy.


When booking your appointment, please inform the reservationist of your stage of pregnancy at the time of your treatment.      

Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185

NEW Reiki

Based on the principle of life force energy, this non-invasive light-touch therapy allows for gentle and natural rebalancing of body, mind and spirit.

Weekday 50 Min. $175 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $185
Energy Therapies

Marma Energy Therapy

A mind/body balancing treatment focused on releasing energy blockages throughout the body using Ayurvedic massage techniques. The therapist will work with your meridians, chakra centers and marma (vital energy) points to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities. Incorporates warmed herbal oils to balance your specific mind/body type also known as your dosha.

Please note that included in the alloted time for the services above is a consultation with your therapist and your dosha analysis.

Weekday 75 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 75 Min. $235
Energy Therapies


This treatment to relieve emotional and physical tension also works to achieve a state of ultimate calm in the nervous system. It incorporates massage to the upper body including the neck and face, and concludes with a luxurious flow of therapeutic oils on the forehead or third eye, considered the window to the soul, for a lengthy deep meditation.

Weekday 75 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 75 Min. $235
Energy Therapies

Gemstone Energy Therapy

This service begins with an invigorating body polish with the therapist using texturized gloves, followed by a full body massage using choreographed strokes that follow the meridians (energy pathways), to stimulate energy flow and release blockages. An Ayurvedic oil is used to help release toxins. After the massage, gemstones are placed on the chakras (energy centers) to provide balance. The final step is a clearing of your aura (energy field).

Weekday 75 Min. $225 *Weekend/peak 75 Min. $235
Energy Therapies

Meditative Reflexology

The ancient practice of applying pressure to “reflex” points on the feet to address overall health is
brought to you with this service. Following a polishing scrub, pressure is applied to points in the feet said to correspond to organs in the body. This practice is also designed to affect the subtle energy pathways of the feet to promote well-being.

Weekday 50 Min. $170 *Weekend/peak 50 Min. $180
Energy Therapies

Shirodhara Oil Flow

A luxurious flow of therapeutic oils on the forehead or third eye, considered the window to the soul,  brings a meditative quality to your massage experience.

Weekday adds 25 Min. $75 *Weekend/peak adds 25 Minutes $75