Soothe sore muscles on a path to feeling much better. 

Purification, revitalization and reduced stress are felt from treatments in the Sress-Relief series. Taking a traditional spa approach, botanicals, minerals, water and heat are used to achieve inner and outer beauty.

The Energy Therapies Series is based on the traditional 5,000 year-old healing science of India that encompasses authentic Ayurvediuc principles. Creating an ideal state of being through bio-energy and spiritual disciplines is the outcome of these treatments. Special herbs, essences and aromas are integrated in the Energy Therapies series. Following a Dosha, or body type analysis, treatments begin with a ritual foot bath. The feet are washed with a detoxifying cleansing bar followed by a light application of fragrant oil. The authentic Ayurvedic massage technique uses long flowing strokes to release energy blockages within the body. These services conclude with a presentation of a Dosha-specific tea.

These enhancements may be added to any Sundara massage.

Seasonal Body Polish & Massage

Can’t decide between a body treatment to rejuvenate and a massage to soothe sore muscles? With this service you needn’t choose one over the other because it incorporates both. It begins with a seasonally appropriate buffing scrub to increase circulation, smooth skin and prepare you for a full body massage. The massage uses a lush body creme to further hydrate the skin.

November – Autumn Harvest, with warm and inviting scents of cranberry and pumpkin spice.

Here’s Your Sneak Peek at Upcoming Seasonal Themes:
December –  Mint Chocolate Mistletoe

65 Min. $160 80 Min. $190
Seasonal Special

Sundara Signature Massage

Our therapists will customize the massage to your specific stress relief needs using a variety of techniques and a range of pressure from light to firm. Aromatherapy oil may be chosen to complement and enhance, or ask for our signature essential oil for a truly authentic experience.

50 Min. $135 65 Min. $160 80 Min. $190

Warming Glow Massage

The therapist will light the candle of your choice made with essential oils and shea butter, allow it to melt and then use the warmed oil in the massage to aid in stress relief. A portion of the candle will always remain and will be sent home with you to use as a massage oil or to enjoy as a fragrant candle.

50 Min. $145 65 Min. $170

Healing Stone Massage

Muscles warm and relax with the combination of deep, penetrating heat from warm river stones and the pressure of the massage strokes. Stones are also placed on specific points along the spine, in the palms of your hands and between the toes to improve the flow of energy in your body.

75 Min. $190 90 Min. $225


Handed down through countless generations, the eastern practice of a “loving touch” is translated in Sundara’s very own upper body massage. The focus of this treatment is the back, shoulders, face, neck and scalp – areas of the body where we all tend to carry stress.

35 min. $90 50 min. $135

Peppermint Pedissage

A warm wrap is placed around your neck and shoulders as you lie back and sink into our luxurious down pillows. Tension slips away as feet and ankles are massaged with a peppermint-infused massage crème.

20 Min. $55

Healing Chi Hand Therapy

Our hands are often overworked and underappreciated, so lie back and relax while your hands are massaged with Sundara’s own rich moisturizing Shea Body Butter. Reflexology points in the palms are gently pressed to relieve stress, ease tension and stimulate energy flow.

20 Min. $55

Marma Massage

A mind and body balancing treatment focused on releasing energy blockages throughout the body. This Ayurvedic massage uses warmed herbal oils chosen to balance your individual dosha, and works with your meridians, chakra centers and marma (vital energy) points to enhance your body’s natural healing abilities.

75 Min. $175
Energy Therapies


This treatment is powerful in its ability to relieve emotional and physical tension while working to achieve a state of ultimate calm in the nervous system. Shirodhara incorporates massage to the upper body including the neck and face, and concludes with a luxurious flow of therapeutic oils on the forehead or third eye, considered the window of the soul, for a lengthy deep meditation.

75 Min. $175
Energy Therapies

Gemstone Energy Massage

Connect with energy of the earth. Beginning with a massage along the body’s meridians to help clear blockages and bring balance to the energy body, crystals and gemstones are then placed on the seven major chakras. A clearing and balancing occurs, and you’ll emerge feeling calm with a renewed sense of well-being.

75 Min. $175
Energy Therapies

Raysayana Four Handed Massage

Using warmed herbal oils and a variety of Ayurvedic massage techniques, two therapists work in synchrony to perform this full body massage. By working both sides of the body simultaneously, this treatment is the ultimate in balancing the body’s flow of energy while promoting deep relaxation for the body, mind and spirit.

65 Min. $280
Energy Therapies

Emerald Isle Massage

This full body treatment begins with an invigorating and detoxifying back scrub of naturally healing, organic, hand-harvested seaweed.  Warm compresses are placed on the entire back for deep penetration while the body is treated to a soothing therapeutic massage using a nutrient-rich seaweed oil. 

65 Min. $160

Warm Oil Scalp Massage

This is the perfect ending to any massage, as a luxurious and nourishing blend of warm coconut and sesame oil is applied to the hair and massaged into the scalp. Your racing thoughts are stilled and your mind is calmed. Your hair will feel softer and will have more shine when you add this on to your massage.


Shirodhara Oil Flow

A luxurious flow of therapeutic oils on the forehead or third eye, considered the window of the soul, for a lengthy deep meditation to enhance your massage experience. This add-on also includes consultation time with your therapist for a dosha analysis.