We kindly request that you have specialty nail polish other than regular polish removed prior to your nail service.

Even our salon services are very spa-like, with many incorporating tension-reducing massage and hydrating skin care. We kindly request that specialty nail polish other than regular polish be removed prior to your nail service.

This manicure is packed with antioxidant vitamins A and E to promote healthy nails and B5 to protect the structure of the natural nail. You’ll love the shine – it dries in an instant under a special LED light. The color selection is wonderful too. We recommend this as a more gentle alternative to some of the other gel manicures on the market. As a side note, this gel manicure must be removed professionally and may be done so at any salon that offers gel or shellac services. Choose from the following four services:

10 Fingers - 10 Toes Manicure Pedicure Combo

Feel and look good from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes.

  • Seasonal Organic Manicure & Pedicure $130
  • Signature Manicure & Pedicure $130
  • Moroccan Manicure & Pedicure $148
  • Gel Fx Manicure & Signature Pedicure $144
  • Freshen-Up Manicure & Pedicure $90
 $90 - $148

Seasonal Organic Manicure - August: Raspberry Melon

As the seasons change, so will the organic products used in this manicure, ensuring just the right restorative treatment for hands, cuticles and nails. It begins with a relaxing soak in scented water, then exfoliation, masque and moisturizer leading up to a beautiful polish for the nails.

50 Min. $60

Sundara Signature Manicure

This memorable manicure uses Sundara’s most popular signature products, including our Sandstone Body Polish for exfoliating, Nourishing Body Milk for hydrating, Shea Body Butter for intense moisturizing, Hydrating Mist for refreshing, and Essential Oil for its soothing aromatherapy properties. The treatment finishes with your choice of buffing or polishing of the nails.

50 Min. $60

Moroccan Manicure

This manicure revitalizes the skin and stimulates the senses. A luxurious orange peel scrub is used to gently exfoliate skin, preparing it for the hydrating effects of a soothing eco-fin hand treatment. A citrus-scented hand cream is used for the arm and hand massage, leaving skin soft and supple. Hot stones are also used during this step to deeply penetrate achy muscles. The final touch is your choice of buffing or polishing of the nails.

50 Min. $70

Freshen-up Manicure

A perfect pick-me-up for cuticles and nails. Cuticles are cleaned and trimmed and nails are filed and shaped, helping to refresh the nail. The finishing touch includes a polish of your choice or buffing.

35 Min. $45

Gel FX Application

Overall nail care and your choice of Gel FX lacquer color.

35 Min. $55
Gel FX Manicures

Gel FX Polish Removal

Removal of Gel FX lacquer.

35 Min. $15
Gel FX Manicures

Gel FX Removal and Application

Removal of Gel FX lacquer followed by a new Gel FX application.

65 Min. $65
Gel FX Manicures

Spa FX Gel Manicure

Includes exfoliation, soothing masque, hand massage and application of Gel FX lacquer.

60 Min. $75
Gel FX Manicures

French Polish

Create a couture look for your manicure or pedicure with this French Polish technique.


Eco-Fin Treatment

An exclusive blend of spa extracts, beeswax and shea butter is warmed and applied to the hands or feet. This treatment relaxes muscles and increases blood flow, providing temporary relief to sore, stiff muscles and achy joints. (Please schedule in advance.)


Hot Stone Massage

Muscles warm and relax with the combination of deep, penetrating heat from the warm stones and the pressure of the massage strokes. You’ll also improve the flow of energy in your body.