As the seasons change, you may be nudged to finally escape to Sundara.

*Starting rates are applicable in a Premier Suite and are prior to taxes and resort fee.
Rates subject to availability and may change at any time.

Included with your overnight stay:
Unlimited access to all water amenities, tranquil spaces and complimentary wellness activities the entire day of your arrival and departure. 
Check-in early to enjoy all these amenities before your room is ready! 
When Checking-Out, store your luggage in your vehicle or with us, so you may enjoy all these amenities until you are ready to depart.
Sundara is open from 8am – 9pm.


Loyalty Reward Program

Overnight guests awarded one point per stay. If there are multiple guests registered per suite, each will receive a point.

  5 points earns a $50 resort voucher

  10 points earns a $100 resort voucher

  15 points earns a $150 resort voucher

On the visit you achieve the 5-, 10-, or 15-point level, a voucher will be presented to you at check-in. You may
apply it to that visit or present at a future stay.

  The voucher is good towards lodging, spa and salon treatments, and dining.

  Points among guests may not be combined.

  Only one voucher may be redeemed per stay.

This program began with January 1, 2018 reservations.