Wellsystem Wave

Relaxation for your mind, body, & soul
Unwind and decompress with a full body hydrojet massage.

The Wellsystem Wave is the next era of fully immersive relaxation combined with water-jet dry massage, light and sound therapy. The Wellsystem is the only holistic massage relaxation system that addresses multiple types of stress.  This dry, hydro-jet massage system does more than just relax your muscles. It also includes invigorating chroma, aroma, sound therapy and soothing meditation routines to guide you in your Wellness Journey.

The Wellsystem combines heat and pressurized water for a relaxing full or partial body massage. The airless system creates a quiet and consistent environment for warm water jets to massage the body from head to toe.  This massage experience treats the individual by kneading, rubbing and pressing muscles to relieve tension.

The Wellsystem Wave touch offers massage programs developed with multiple wellness experts which can be individually adjusted to body size, shoulder width, massage pattern and pressure, to ensure each program offers a customized experience for the guest. 

25 Minutes $99
add on to massage service 25 Minutes $75

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Required attire: Comfortable fitting clothing or dry robe is required. Wet swim suits or sharp objects including jewelry cannot be on during a Wellsystem Wave session.