Restore what the stresses of modern life take away; after all, this is the window to your soul.

The #1 reason people visit spas is for stress relief, so we’ve created these good-for-you treatments to relax muscles, calm the mind and soothe the spirit. These treatments support a goal of living younger and healthier longer. Said another way, you’ll both look and feel better.

This series of age-defying facial treatments blends age-old healing principles with modern wellness, healing skin from the inside out while harnessing the body’s own immune system. It’s holistic and non-surgical, just as it should be.

 The modalities includes use of micro-current at the same level naturally present in your body to lift and tone muscles; safe LED lights to treat wrinkles; chemical-free and abrasive-free exfoliation that uses only sound vibrations and water; and highly effective ultrasound infusion of healing serums and moisturizers. Along with the visible lift, your skin will be hydrated and there will be an evening out of pigmentation.

 Note: Certain health conditions may preclude you from having these services – a consultation will be done at the time of reservation.

Modern life often dishes out more of what we don’t need. These revitalizing treatments help you get back on track.

The desire to live a life in balance and harmony is as ancient as the millennia. These treatments address mind, body and spirit.

These enhancements may be added to any Sundara facial.

Purely Organic Facial

A naturally healing facial customized to your skin care needs, whether that’s premature aging, sun damage, sensitive skin or combination skin. Organic ingredients rich in whole plants and cold pressed seed oils deliver an immediate glow and long-term results. The 80-minute version starts with a back exfoliation and hydration and includes extractions, if needed, as well as more time for facial massage and a deeply penetrating healing mask.

35 Min. $80 50 Min. $145 80 Min. $195

Calming Recovery Facial

Even sensitive skin will be left glowing after this calming, soothing facial. A gentle peel refreshes skin without irritation while a nourishing mask helps to restore hydration.

50 Min. $145

Fountain of Youth Facial

This facial, which cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, uses organic products that leave the skin looking firm, toned and hydrated while concentrating on pigment concerns and signs of aging. The facial incorporates extractions along with an eye and lip treatment to help these often neglected areas retain a youthful appearance.

65 Min. $185

River Stone Facial

In this treatment, heated river stones diffuse heat deep into the facial muscles allowing for greater penetration of moisturizers and serums. Skin is exfoliated, extractions done as necessary and then moisturizing masks are applied. With the second mask the heated stones are used in the facial massage. The aesthetician will also use heated river stones to soothe the hands, arms, feet and legs. Eye cream and lip salve are applied as the final step.

80 Min. $195

Decompress From Stress

So many of us carry the effects of stress in our back, shoulders and head. This relaxing treatment specifically addresses those areas, making stress a distant memory. It begins with an exfoliation of the back and shoulders, followed by an application of moisturizer. The face is addressed next, with an invigorating cleanser, mask, soothing facial massage and application of moisturizer.

30 Min. $75


HydraFacial™ is a medical-grade, age-defying skincare treatment customizable for all skin types and delivering immediate results without any downtime. Expect fine lines and uneven skin tones to be reduced and skin to look instantly refined, refreshed and radiant. Includes deep cleansing and exfoliation, rich hydration, and in the 50 and 80 minute version, therapeutic LED light therapy to reduce inflammation and address areas needing extra attention. The 50-minute version includes lymphatic drainage for its detoxifying benefits, while the 80-minute version also adds specialty serums to further combat fine lines and wrinkles.

30 minutes $150 50 minutes $195 80 minutes $295
Age-Defying Facials

Advanced Resurfacing Stem Cell Facial

This treatment incorporates the power of nature’s own stem cells and peptides to rejuvenate, revive and protect the skin. This advanced facial will re-energize your own skin cells, increase hydration, reduce wrinkles, and firm and lift the skin. You will notice that skin feels smoother and looks brighter, with wrinkles and lines less visible. Ideal for mature skin and skin that is dry, dehydrated or dull.

35 Min. $80 50 Min. $145 80 Min. $195
Age-Defying Facials

Purify Your Back Treatment

This is a thoroughly refreshing treatment for your back, neck and shoulders. The therapist cleanses and exfoliates the skin, performs extractions, applies a mask and follows that with full hydration of the back with an application of moisturizing lotion.

30 Min. $80

Clarifying Balance Facial

This clarifying facial balances oily acneic skin, leaving skin beautifully hydrated and protected from free radical damage. It begins with cleansing and exfoliation, extractions as necessary, then mask, followed by facial massage. Next is application of toner, balancing serum, eye cream and lip salve. Includes soothing hydration of the hands and feet.

65 Min. $155

Marma Meditation Facial

This service incorporates our “Sundara Sleep Experience” into the facial by adding a featherbed to the table and wrapping your feet in a blanket of warmth. The skin is cleansed, exfoliated and nourished using organic products. You’re treated to soothing hydration of the hands and feet and once the facial is complete, the insomnia relief process begins. Marma points will be activated along the neck, jaw line, face and forehead, by using essential oils to induce relaxation and reduce tension. Your therapist will then slip out of the room leaving you time for rest, sleep or personal meditation. You will be awakened by the gentle sound of tingsha bells.

(Note: Certain health conditions may preclude you from having these services – a consultation will be done at time of reservation.)

80 minutes $190
Energy Therapies

Luxurious Lip Treatment

An enhancement treatment for select facials.* Give your lips a much-needed lift with additional exfoliation and plumping. The appearance of fine lines around the lips will be diminished too. Active organic ingredients make this add-on so revitalizing and effective.

This enhancement available for all facials excluding the purify your back and decompress from stress and fountain of youth treatments.

Facial Enhancements

Eye Bright

An enhancement treatment for select facials.* Effectively yet gently reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness around the eyes while restoring skin tone.

This enhancement available for all facials 50 minutes or longer, excluding the fountain of youth facial.

Facial Enhancements

Back Exfoliation

An enhancement for select facials.* Not only does this add-on treat the skin, it releases stress in the shoulders, neck and back. Featuring the Sundara signature line of products including the sandstone polish, hydrating mist and body milk.

This enhancement available for all services excluding the purify your back and decompress from stress treatments.

15 Min. $30
Facial Enhancements


Improve the clarity of your skin with the add-on of extractions. Steam is used to open the pores, allowing for easy extraction of skin impurities. The added benefit is that it allows for even greater penetration of mask and moisturizers to correct skin imperfections. This enhancement is available for all facials 50 minutes and under with the exception of the Decompress from Stress and Purify Your Back treatments.

15 Min. $25
Facial Enhancements